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Pulp Summer Slam II: The Backstage Experience
by Razorboybaboy 

 “So r u gnna com sa pulp summer slam?”, Joanne text me inviting me to come to the Pulp Summer Slam II.  I have no plans on going coz I have no money (as it’s been for 4 months), I was in office attire and it’s damn formal.  I told myself, “Shit, I’m gonna look like an idiot out there but what the hell…”

   So we met in Glorietta, had our dinner at McDonald’s, then went straight to The Fort.  We got in past 9 pm due to the very long line upon entrance but what the heck we got in free.  They eventually had people come in for free, I don’t know why, maybe because they reached their quota or whatsoever.  Anyways, we’re in The Breed just finished their set when we got in.  Yep, The Breed, as in Charlie Y., Manny Amador and the rest of the guys (not Mike Turner coz he’s gonna play later on with Battery).  The Youth, too, is one surprise we’re-disbanded-but-let’s-get-together- again-for-this-thing band.  Vernon Go also announced that Philippine Violators will play later on to close the show, I’m not sure if they got to play (or if the show finished at all) coz I went home after Razorback played, which was 2 am already.

   Wolfgang played at 12:02am and did about 4 songs.  Joanne was supposed to give some parting gifts to Wolf, Basti and Pia.  With Wolfgang leaving for the US and Pia for EMI, our super thoughtful friend Joanne decided to give them something.  So we were waiting for Pia “at the back of the backstage” (outside).  A little later, Wolf found us and there, Joanne gave him her gifts.  After a short chat with Wolf, we said goodbye and he thanked Joanne for the gifts.  We, or maybe I, was heading for the audience entrance to get back to the action but then we saw Wolf giving Basti Joanne’s gift and Wolf pointing at us. Then we realized that Basti was walking towards us. He was opening the gift while walking then out came the t-shirt.  A Led Zep t-shirt Joanne had custom-made.  He was saying like, “Hayop! Thanks ha!”  They had a little chat, I wasn’t really paying attention coz I got nothing to do with it. Then I heard something like, “Bakit hindi kayo pumasok?” Then I saw Basti gesturing that we come in.  He told the ushers at the gate to let us in.  Holy shit, he’s letting us in the backstage! 

    So there I was, backstage.  I was like, planning my strategy. Now what? I'm fuckin' backstage, now what do I do?  Yea, find the guys. Find Tirso. I went looking for them for about 15 minutes. I saw them at the first tent directly at the back of the stage rehearsing - Tirso and Dave playing with their guitars as Louie, Bryan and Kevin watch on.  I went over to greet Tirso but he sorta moved away so we just shook hands. "Pare! Kumusta?" I said. "Ey! Okey lang. Ang gulo, ang gulo..." he replied.  Yea, it's actually more chaotic backstage than the moshpit up front. So I moved to Dave,

Razorboy: Dave! kumusta pre?
Dave: Oi! Ayos lang.
Rzrby: Your cousin Nikki (Benedict) is asking for your number. (I told him showing the message on my celphone.)
Dave: (Reaching for his phone) O, here... I saw him earlier ah.
Yea, kakaalis lang nya e. He told me to get your number para we could ask you for your gig skeds. I was mailing Pia dati kaya lang she's not replying to my mails anymore. I heard she's leaving for EMI.
Yea, oo nga e. Oo, okay lang sige, you text me.
   Then two girls approached him asking for his autograph. They talked a little until the two left thanking him. 
Rzrby: 'Heard yer leaving for Australia. This month?"
Dave: Ay no. No na, it was cancelled.
Oh, ok! That's... nice. :)
Rzrby: How about your new album? Meron na daw a.
A oo.
How many songs?
We're still working on it e. I'll tell you na lang when we sort things out.
Rzrby: Kelan kaya ma-release?
Dave: Sana June. Kung hindi July na yan.
Rzrby: So pano yan, tape muna tapos yung CD later na lang?
Dave: Oo, ganon na yata sila e(Sony).
Rzrby: Oo, parang yung Black Mantra.
Dave: Yea.
 Pause, again.
Rzrby: Dave, suppose I want to do an interview with you guys, kasi maraming nagre-request sa mailing list e, who do I talk to regarding that?
Dave: Ah yea, that's cool. I'll introduce you to Ricci (Fidelino), our manager, you could ask her. (Turns his head looking for her) There, the girl sitting on Kevin's lap. I'll introduce you later... or then again, now. Come...
  Dave introduced me to Ricci, who's making a sofa out of Kevin, sitting on his lap.  I shook hands with her then with Kevin.
Oi. Nabuhay ka.
Pare, daming hindi makapaniwala na ikaw yung sa Jollibee (jingle) a.
(Finger to his lips) Shhh. Pano alam?!
Yung isa kong barkada pare, nabaliw nung nalaman nya na ikaw yung sa Jollibee, paulit-ulit nyang kinakanta buong araw, sabi sakin 'Langya ka pare bakit kasi sinabi mong si Kevin yung kumakanta non e.'
(Laughing) Pero pano alam yon ah?
(Pointing to my right ear) Actually, gusto ko nga ilagay sa website e.  Something like, "Trivia about Kevin Roy"
(Laughing) No, I mean, I can't stop you from doing that. Pero ako, I rather not say it. Secret na lang yon pare.
Dami mong commercial. Ikaw din dun sa San Miguel noh?
Dami. Yung Red Horse, at saka yung sa Colt 45.
Yea. (Singing) Are you man enough?
Rzrby: Nampucha dami nga a. Pero pare, yung sa Red Horse ba are you playing with them, the guys? It sounds Razorback e.
Hindi, sila Mike Villegas dun sa gitara at saka si
(I forgot, damn shit, sorry -Rzrby) sa drums. Pero oo nga no, (Making the guitar sound) oo pwede.
What's that?
(to Dave) He's asking if you guys were the ones who played with me dun sa Red Horse commercial. It sounds like Razorback daw e.
Pero pwede. Oo nga... Pero you know, lotsa people like, well, most people who know me lang or like you, sila lang yung nakaka-recognize nung boses ko with those commercials. But lotsa people wouldn't really know.
Hehe, oo, yung mga matalas lang din na pandinig.
  Finally found a vacant seat.
Can I sit here?
Ako I'm comfortable here. Don't mind us, I'm just relaxing.
What do you need her for? If it's about the site, the best guy to talk to is Tirso.
No, it's about interview things and another kasi, we're into productions e, since Wolfang is leaving, well no, actually we also wanted to make a show featuring Razorback...
Kev: Ah yea, she's the one to talk to. Pero she's not with us na rin e. Talk to her sister.
Ricci: Yea, I'm not with them na e. Talk na lang to my sister.
Rzrby: Kay Lucielle? Siya na rin ba?
Kev: Yea well, you can also talk to Ricci coz she knows naman e and we have contact with her pa rin naman e.
Dave: Pero the best guy to talk about these things (all of it) is Tirso
Rzrby: Ah yea, ok. Kaya lang he's not in the mood yata e. Ang gulo kasi e.
Dave: Oo nga e.
Rzrby: This is one Summer SLAM.
Dave: (Smiles)
Rzrby: Brainsalad is so cool. You know, there's this time na I played it 3 times over non-stop. I particularly like, Malalaman mo Kaya.
Dave: (Smiling) Ah yea? Thanks a.
Rzrby: 2=1 galing.
Dave: Yea, I like that too.
Rzrby: One comment lang, I don't know a, I guess it's only me but I think No Chorus sorta destroyed the mood e, it’s kinda out-of-place. It's like playing it sequentially then No Chorus comes. It's out-of-place. What I do is delete it from my play list.
Dave: Yea, I don't like No Chorus, too e.
Rzrby: A talaga? Inches is nice, I like that too. Island Under Seige...
Dave: Ay, I don't like that (Island…). I find it ano...
Rzrby: Cheezy ba?
Dave: Mula sa Langit?
Rzrby: Oo, that's nice too. Taas no?
Rzrby: What pick do you use? Meduim... hard...
Dave: Hard. Tapos yung strings 11s.
Rzrby: Nga pala, yung Malalaman mo kaya, saan mo kinuha ung key non?
Dave: Ah yon? Sa E. Acutally lahat ng songs sa salad E flat, so half-step lower yung chords except Malalaman, yun standard key lang.
 Pause. Relax a bit. I got that far. The guys were scattered doing their stuff... A little later, Tirso came over and told them, that they were up next and they have to come up to the stage to setup.

Rzrby: O Dave, Kev I'm gonna watch you guys from there (pointing at the left side of the stage). Have fun!
Dave: Sige pare.
Kev: Sige pre, thanks!

    Skychurch was playing then. After Skychurch, another band did three songs and then the guys are up!  Chill introduced them as her favorite rock and roll band, the band that introduced her to Rock. (Remember Stone by Whilce Portacio where Chill made a cut with Razorback, "Stoned". And also I remember a commercial over the radio on Pepsi featuring "Chill with Razorback") They opened their set with Paghihintay. I could see the people up front jumping and showing the "Rock U!" sign. It was really fun, it's amazing seeing those people from the side of the stage. Minsan Lang, a new song, followed next. The song rocks! I like it already. Then they ended their set with Payaso. The audience went crazy and you could see almost everybody jumping and jiving with the music. It was like seeing waves on the beach, it was fucking amazing!

  They went back to the tent and started packing up their things. I went over to Louie and Bryan shook their hands and told them how great their set was.  Dave was packing up his guitar when I came over to say goodbye.

Rzrby: Man, it was worth the wait. Galeng pare.
Dave: Yea? Thanks, man.
Rzrby: Sige pare I'll go ahead. I'll just text you for the gig sked.
Dave: O sige, you sent naman yung number mo di ba?
Rzrby: Ay, e, just now, Check Operator Services na e. Anyway, if I'm gonna text you I'll put there my name.
Dave: O sige pare. Thanks a.
Rzrby: Sige man, thanks.
 Then I went over to Tirso.
Rzrby: Tirso, nice set. I'll go ahead, I'll just see you around.
Tirso: Hey, ok. Thanks a.

    So there. It was 3 in the morning I was so tired and longing for my bed's embrace. What the hell, that was how I ended my day... or should I say, started my day.


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