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    concerts + demos + unreleased recordings      
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A R T I S T A L B U M   T I T L E D A T E L O C A T I O N  
alice in chains   1993-10-23 osaka, japan 1cd
alison krauss & union station bluegrass festival 1995-09-02 delaware, usa 2cd
ash episodic 2002-09-16 maryland, usa 1cd
a tribe called quest   1998-11-24 new york, usa 1cd
b-52's, the swirl 1982-11-26 freeport zone, jamaica 1cd
beastie boys in 3's 1992-05-22 new jersey, usa 2cd
beastie boys fight for tibet 1996-06-16 san francisco, usa 1cd
beastie boys heart attack man 1998-06-20 goarshausen, germany 1cd
beastie boys knee deep in shit 1998-08-29 reading, england 1cd
beatles, the live in hamburg '62 1962 hamburg, germany 1cd
beatles, the stars of '63 1963 stockholm, sweden 1cd
beatles, the hollywood bowl 1964-1965 hollywood, california 2cd
beatles, the five nights in a judo arena 1966-06-30 tokyo, japan 1cd
beatles, the primal colours 1968 studio 1cd
beatles, the live at the bbc +++++++ bbc studios, london 2cd
beck w/ the flaming lips   2002-10-30 new york, usa 2cd
ben folds five tabernacle 1998-06-14 georgia, usa 2cd
bjork army of me +++++++ san francisco / london 1cd
blind melon darker / lighter 1995-09-12 vancouver, canada 1cd
black crowes, the charlottesville 1990-12-05 virginia, usa 1cd
bob marley & the wailers jah's love 1973-05-24 regency, england 1cd
bob marley & the wailers at the record plant 1973-10-31 california, usa 1cd
bob marley & the wailers mystics 1980-06-27 milan, italy 2cd
bob marley & the wailers the last dance 1980-09-23 pennysylvania, usa 1cd
clapton, eric rivers 1999-11-24 yokohama, japan 2cd
clash, the last seconds 1982-05-20 lochem, holland 1cd
coldplay erosions 2001-08-22 reykjavik, iceland 2cd
coldplay sandcastles 2002-09-16 maryland, usa 2cd
cranberries, the a time of wildflowers 2002-05-15 pennysylvania, usa 2cd
crowded house four seasons in one day 1991-11-09 london, england 1cd
crow, sheryl acoustic in australia 1998-10-23 melbourne, australia 1cd
cure, the cold 1984-11-15 washington dc, usa 2cd
dave matthews k-roq 2002-05-28 new york, usa 1cd
dave matthews band the lillywhite sessions 2000 scrapped studio album 1cd
dave matthews band from the bridge 2000-10-28 mountainview, usa 1cd
dave matthews band hersheypark 2002-07-21 pennysylvania, usa 2cd
de franco, ani fairgrounds 1994-07-14 renton, washington 1cd
doors, the the aquarius theatre 1969-07-21 los angeles, california 4cd
doors, the shattered 1970-06-05 seattle, washington 1cd
doors, the the isle of wight 1970-08-31 isle of wight, uk 1cd
dylan, bob the banjo tape & nyc townhall 1963-02-08 new york, usa 1cd
dylan, bob oslo 2002 2002-04-07 oslo, norway 2cd
dylan, bob / cash, johnny the dylan-cash sessions 1969-02-17 nashville, usa 1cd
dylan, bob / garcia, jerry gotta serve somebody 1980-11-16 san francisco, usa 1cd
dylan, bob / grateful dead dylan & the dead 1987-07-10 philadelphia, usa 1cd
guns n' roses dust & bones 1991-05-28 indiana, usa 1cd
guns n' roses banzai 1992-02-22 tokyo, japan 2cd
harrison, george / clapton, eric rock legends 1991-12-10 osaka, japan 2cd
haynes, warren one 2002-07-05 new york, usa 1cd
hendrix, jimi the apartment jams 1968 his apartment 1cd
hendrix, jimi / morrison / winter` bleeding heart 1968-03-07 new york, usa 1cd
iha, james [smashing pumpkins] grounded 1998-03-12 pennysylvania, usa 1cd
jefferson airplane, the   1970-09-14 california, usa 2cd
jones, norah blue houses 2002-01-29 cambridge, massachusets 1cd
led zeppelin stroke on trent 1973-01-15 trentham gardens, uk 2cd
led zeppelin through mirrors 1975-03-27 california, usa 3cd
led zeppelin since I've been loving you 1980-07-07 berlin, germany 2cd
madonna impressive instant 2001-08-26 michigan, usa 2cd
mazzy star black session 1998-10-25 paris, france 1cd
mazzy star the other side +++++++ [various] 1cd
mccartney, paul fireworks 1990-07-04 washington dc, usa 2cd
mccartney, paul on the road to rio 1990 maracana stadium 1cd
megadeth punishment is due 1993-05-06 london, england 1cd
metallica cape girardeau 1986-05-24 missouri, usa 1cd
metallica tower of strength 1987-02-13 gothenburg, sweden 1cd
metallica donnington 1995-08-26 donnington, england 1cd
metallica radiers! 2003-01-19 oakland, usa 1cd
moby record 2000-08-18 weeze, germany 1cd
nirvana trick or treat 1991-10-31 washington, usa 1cd
nirvana american electric tour 1994 usa 1cd
pearl jam holland 1992-02-12 amsterdam, holland 1cd
pearl jam home free 1998-07-22 washington dc, usa 2cd
radiohead incomplete 2000-09-16 nijmegen, netherlands 2cd
radiohead deconstruct 2001-06-23 washington dc, usa 2cd
rage against the machine the last days +++++++ [various] 1cd
rage against the machine snapshots +++++++ [various] 1cd
red hot chili peppers german affair 2002-06-07 hamburg, germany 1cd
simon & garfunkel back to college 1969-11-11 florida, usa 2cd
smashing pumpkins, the 1997 1997-01-08 vancouver, canada 2cd
smashing pumpkins, the turpentine kisses +++++++ australia / reading 1cd
smashing pumpkins, the the aeroplane flies high +++++++ mcis singles collection 2cd
smashing pumpkins, the machina II: friends & enemies… +++++++ last unreleased album 4cd
smiths, the vynil 1984-04-21 de meervaart, amsterdam 1cd
smiths, the i suffer 1985.06.18 new york, usa 1cd
smiths, the thank your lucky stars 1986.08.28 san francisco, usa 1cd
snoop doggy dog / dr.dre   2000-06-19 san jose, usa 1cd
soundgarden moonlight on vermont 1992-03-05 washington, usa 1cd
tedeschi, susan   2001-08-04 charlotte, usa 1cd
travis   2000-06-24 glastonbury, uk 1cd
u2 in your twilight 1987-04-29 chicago, usa 2cd
u2 mannheim! mannheim! 1997-07-31 mannheim, germany 1cd
u2 santiago 1998-02-11 chile, santiago 2cd
u2 eve 2001-11-09 utah, usa 2cd
u2 reunion 2001-11-25 texas, usa 2cd
u2 after the flood 2001-11-27 kansas, usa 2cd
weezer stokin' 2002-02-25 florida, usa 2cd
yorke, thom [radiohead] from the bridge and back again 2002-10-26 california, usa 1cd
young, neil / dylan, bob san franciscan nights 1975-03-23 san francisco, usa 1cd
zwan almost acoustic 2002-12-07 california, usa 1cd
A R T I S T V I D E O  T I T L E D A T E L O C A T I O N  
alice in chains mtv unplugged 1996-04-10 new york, usa 1vcd
beatles, the ready steady go 1963-1964 london, england 1vcd
beatles, the the complete ed sullivan shows 1964-1965 new york, usa / florida, usa 1vcd
beatles, the the legend continues +++++++ documentary 1vcd
beatles, the the beatles story +++++++ documentary 1vcd
hole mtv unplugged 1995-02-14 new york, usa 1vcd
lennon, john imagine +++++++ film / music videos 1vcd
lennon, john gimme some truth +++++++ the making of imagine 1vcd
mccartney, paul paul mccartney's get back 1989-1990   2vcd
megadeth rude awakening +++++++ arizona, usa 2vcd
metallica blindman's ball 1997-08-23 stuttgard, germany 2vcd
metallica cunning stunts 1997-05-09 texas, usa 2vcd
metallica garage inc. electronic press kit 1998-11-10 documentary 1vcd
nirvana mtv unplugged 1993-11-18 new york, usa 1vcd
pantera detroit 2000-07-12 detroit, usa 1vcd
pearl jam mtv unplugged 1992-03-16 new york, usa 1vcd
slayer live intrusion 1995-03-12 mesa, arizona 1vcd