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Very Free

Artist: Wolfgang

Album: Wurm

Year: 1997

Label: Sony Music, Philippines






Out in the city and its pretty

feel the grass between my toes

and I don't think there's anything better

than this smell that fills nose


And how I would love to express

the way I feel inside but that's alright

content enough to just sit here for a while

and watch me smile


Now I got a notion which includes the oceans

see the surf breaks on the sand

And I'm wondering to myself

what it would be to leave the land


And float forever on an endless sea

to be truly free

content enough to be living

like a fish under the sea

but that's just me


You see there ain't no place around here

Where I can just truly seer

and transgress with all my memories

in this one full glass of beer


And there ain't no place I can lie

where the grass grows twelve miles high

where I can sit and watch the sky

while the wind blows gently by


Now I'm finally thinking

about nothing except this brilliant starry sky

and how wonderful to play up there for a little while

To be a body in the universe maybe a galaxy


to be truly free

maybe a million miles away but very free.



like a bird out of a cage

like a book without a page

like an anger venting rage

like a man who doesn't age

like a knife without a blade

an endless parade,

a lyricless serenade,


Very free finally...