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Artist: Brain Salad

Album: Brain Salad

Year: 2001

Label: Sony Music, Philippines


Sitting, wishing I wasnít staring out of these tinted windows

Wasting away in the process, taking inches to progress

Slowly creeping driving myself out of my mind taking inches to progress

As the busses squeeze on by, throwing dirt into the sky


But I just canít help thinking about all of this weíre doing

Getting older, just going nowhere


Holiday might as well just stay home and watch the sky.

Because the clouds are a better view than a million tail lights.

And I understand that to be a man we must everyday improve.

But how can we escalate when we just can seem to move.


Another day the skies a gray a downpour explodes.

Iím on the road yet Iíll need a boat my car wonít float.

Do you know what I mean?

Inching to progress in my brand new submarine


But I just canít help thinking with a sinking feeling

As the water taps my shoulder; getting older, going nowhere

But I know thereís something waiting for me

And itís not due to lack of wanting to care

Yes I know there is something better than this waiting for meÖ

Öif I can only get there.